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Problem: Cannot Connect to VIAS

Error Msg: The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server client access licenses available for this computer

Solution: Run TSLicense.exe file (see Download section of web site to obtain the file)

Problem: VIAS License expiration notice

Error Msg: Event ID 26: Your terminal services temporary client license will expire in # days

Solution: Run TSLicense.exe file to avoid license expiring. (See Download section to obtain file)

Problem: Cannot Read from CLTSP1

Error Msg: FRM - 40010: Cannot read form cltsp1 Receive this error when trying to connect to IAS

Solution: T: Drive not mapped. Log off and logon to rerun the script. or Manually Map a T: drive to the IAS Server

Problem: Blank sketch on CA23

There is a sketch available to other users on the same parcel.


Problem: Cannot Access LIS files from VIAS

Print reports but when you go to the C:\CLT\%Username% folder they are not there.

Solution: Contact GST to setup report link on VIAS server and create a network place to that link (call for more details)

Problem: Outlook Express will not allow attachments to be opened

Cannot see attachment in any email that is supposed to have an attachment.

Solution: Check the option box "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus" located in the TOOLS>OPTIONS>SECURITY tab in outlook express.

Problem: PC Very slow.

PC will initially start ok upon logon, however will lockup after a minute. Print spooler seems to be hanging. Symantec looked like it was running several scans at the same time and the keyboard was not working...

Solution: MS Document Imaging had a document stuck. It kept the spooler service taking up 99% of the cpu. Cancelled document and removed the document imager,

Problem: Access 2007 warning "Certain content in this database has been disabled"

When database opens from another version or on network location this message appears.

Solution: See solution here

Problem: Internet Explorer gives error msg upon opening...

As soon as I open Internet Explorer I get a message box giving an error with a long number and Internet explorer closes

Solution: Download and run patch WindowsXP-KB946627-x86-ENU from help site or from Microsoft Support Site.

Problem: Video Blacks Out before Login

Dell Optiplex Model 745, Possibly 755 has issue with SATA-1 Optical Drive and Symantec versions 10-10.2. Screen will blank out to black right before Login Screen displays.

Solution: This info came from this website. If unavailable see notes below. : Also, see bottom if Symantec isn't installed. ============ 1. Shut down the system. 2. Once system is powered down, press the power button to restart the system. 3. When the Dell screen appears, press the key to enter the BIOS. NOTE: For more information on entering the BIOS, changing and saving the settings, refer to the system documentation on Dell's support site at: 4. Use the or arrow keys to highlight drives and press the key. 5. Highlight the SATA drive that has the optical drive attached to it (typically SATA-1) and press the key. 6. Use the or arrow keys to highlight Off and press the key. 7. Press the key and use the or arrow keys to highlight Save/Exit. 8. Press the key to save changes and exit the BIOS. 9. Allow the system to boot into Windows normally. 10. Flash the BIOS to the latest version available. NOTE: For more information on obtaining the latest BIOS version, refer to Dell Knowledge Base Article: How can I obtain the latest upgrade to my basic input/output system (BIOS) or system setup file? 11. Download and install the Sevinst.exe update from the Symantec Norton AntiVirus website at: 12. Open Norton AntiVirus. 13. Click Configure and then click File System Auto Protect. The Auto Protect window appears. 14. Click the Advanced tab. 15. In the Startup Options section, Symantec AntiVirus Start. 16. Click the Ok button. 17. Restart the system. 18. Once the system is back into Windows, perform Steps 1 - 9 to re-enable the optical drive. ============== Here are two possible solutions to resolve your issue that isn't Symantec related... How Do I Prevent My Dell" OptiPlex" or Dimension" Computer from Pausing at a Black Screen Before Microsoft® Windows® XP Loads When a USB Device is Attached?: Computer stops responding with a black screen when you start Windows XP:

Problem: trojan

beckys pc will not function,, has trojan, will not allow sophos to function.

Solution: taken care of. user had spyware on the pc that prompted to run security checks, all tools (cmd.regedit,etc...) were disabled and there was a blue/black shield in systray that looked similar to Sophos. I logged that user off and logged back in as tmcadmin to get the local tools back. cleaned up registry hklm\run statements. i removed the key from the hklm\microsoft\windowsnt\profile list for that specific user. i cleaned up any suspect files from windows and system32 directories. also had to remove a file from %userprofile%\applicationdata directory. rebooted the pc and logged back in as tmcadmin. I renamed the orig user profile, logged her back in and copied her data back over. reset default printer. opchk good.

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